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Curriculum Vitae

Tineke Guttinger was born in Enkhuizen on 06-09-1943.

1961-1980 various courses and workshops in the field of puppet and marionette play
at the Dutch Theatre Institute among others.

1968-1975: visual work, figures and objects.
Expositions throughout The Netherlands.

Puppet play
From 1976 as a puppet player and performer of my own productions and projects.
Many performances for children as well as adults in the Netherlands and abroad, including France. 
International festivals in Dordrecht and Roermond in the Netherlands, and Jicin in the Czech Republic.

For children
Various own productions, such as "Joris and the magic Spell', 'Naughty Shoes', 'Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe',
'Fairy Tale without Words', 'Caterpillar Journey' and more. 

For adults
'Music on a string'
'Shades of colour' which exists out of the parts 'Zero', 'Mermaids' and 'Solar Wind'. 
Visual theatre without words played with figures, objects and marionettes with changing decors
of colour, sound and music.

I had my own little theatre, wich had a regional function in my hometown Wijk bij Duurstede, during
a period of several years. Many shows, much pleasure.
Schooloutings in collaboration with Museum Dorestad. 

Chiefly visual arts, but also still theatre on demand.
Short plays for mixed public and demonstrations of puppet and marionette plays.